The heart of every network. The server provides 24 hours a day 365 days a year all his services.


Server maintenance

Normaly it is profitable to get a server if you have 3 workstations. That means you need less time, you can work in teams, less problems with access rights, you can access the data, Emails and much morefrom the internet, Just to tell you a few advatages.

A server is active/online 365 days a year. He recieves Emails and is responsible for sending the. He saves the company data and protects them. He distributes the print- and scannorders and saves your network from unauthorized accesses.

The server-hardware is a special hardware wich is designed to me more durable then the normal hardware. Server Compontens are often reduntant installed to reduce the downtime.

We provide a surveillance woch is 24 ours a day acitveand informs us immediately if a problem ocured, but without acces to the system.