Repair-Service: we repair your server, your computer or your laptop from any known brands, like HP or Dell.

  • hardware-repair
  • software-repair
  • Virus-Trojaner-cleaning

If your computer or the hardware is defect or the OS won´t boot, ask us.

Our longyear experience in the business-sector and our ambition speak for us.

We sell computer, server, LCD-displays, firewalls, router and networkcomponnents from the biggest brands, like Dell, HP, Lenovo.

With our partnership with the producer we have a lead and can offer you only the best.

But not only hardware defects can slow devices down, also the OS has a big influence. We remove virus, trojans, spyware, unwanted plugins, and much more, so the device can work with it´s old speed and stability.

Make use of the advantages of a brandproduct, wich provides longevity and stability.


For an individual consultation, repair and support of your device we gladly help you.