Nowdays mails are essential and nearly replace the useage of fax. We gladly help you plan your mail-system, or help you expand or search for errors.

  • mail-System
  • mail-flow
  • mail-security

There are many different mail-systems, but wich one is the perfect for you?

mail - contacts - appointments - teamwork

A company want it´s own mail-system, wich not only can send and recive, but also you can work from a smartphone or a tablet, and even all mails synchron and to work on them from everywhere.

Contacts are an important part, they should be available and in synchron on any device. You should be able to add new contacts from every device.  

The different mail-sytems must be judged by the way you want to use them.


For an individual consultation, installation and support of your mail-system we are here for you.