Hardware is not always the same. Those devices can also cost you your last patience! We only provide brandproducts and bring them with reliability, stability and speed to you.

  • Computer-Hardware
  • Server-Hardware
  • Netzwerk-tecnic

Every one wants efificient and stable hardware. The computer should simplify not complicate the life.

Our producer stand behind us and togheter we are strong.

A computer is not an universal device, like a television or a printer. 

It isn´t enough to only buy a new computer or laptop. There are amny more things missing for such a device to be fully efficient. The OS should atleast be fully updated, the security-software like antivirus should also be active, unneeded programs should be deinstalled and the userrights should be confugured right.

The securing of data should not be forgotten, on order to not lose to many data in a case of a virus.
We have a solution for that.

For an individual consultation, repair and support of your device we gladly help you.